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morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's monday, september 20th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your morning weather and traffic. >> we had a little cloud cover. now, patchy clouds. and temperatures will rebound slightly. today, a little more sun. but still on the breezy side. 60s, 70s, and mainly a lot of low 80s. now, here's sal. >> steve, on the east shore, traffic is moving well on the macarthur, with no major problems. also, this morning's commute is going to be okay on the 880 southbound. now, let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. we're following several new developments in the pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. this week, the coroner is expected to update the official death toll to 7. the family recently announced
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it lost loved ones in that tragedy. [ inaudible ] they were running the pressure above the maximum limit. and the deadly explosion could change how buildings are built near natural gas lines. in the meantime, claudine wong is joining us with the less of closures today. >> reporter: the question everyone keeps asking is, could this happen again? pg&e has been ordered by the p.u.c. to come up with a risk of high- risk pipelines, and that list could be released as early as today. we're at the intersection of tazmin and first. they are reporting that could have one of these high-risk, natural gas pipelines. we can show you the site over here. we know there is a pipe here. because there is a sign warning people not to dig here because of this gas pipeline here. how at risk this intersection is, though, we just don't know. san jose's mayor said that he has been told that this
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intersection, as well as another near the city's border is milipitas, have been deemed high-risk areas. but it doesn't appear that pg&e is releasing a lot. though it does appear that they'll be meeting with city leaders in the coming days. they want this list out. we know that fremont, south san francisco and livermore are already deemed high-risk areas. but why is still pretty much unclear. and why is also not clear. san bruno city manager told the mercury news, it's already been told that none of the pipelines in their section is on that list, and that does include the portion that exploded. so without a cause for that explosion, the what's next is kind of a mystery. and at this point, what this list will mean in terms of what will happen next is still unclear. we know this section was slated for an upgreat grade in a couple of year -- upgrade in a couple of years. this meeting will determine whether that needs to be
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speeded up or what action will be taken. this week, cleanup crews will begin removing debris from the gutted homes in san bruno. the county health department is concerned the asbestos and other material could create a public health risk, even beyond the disaster zone. a saint francis hospital has an update on the four people recovering at the burn center there. doctors say they are all making slow but steady progress. three other burn patients are being treated at san francisco general hospital. time now, 5:03 this morning. the young woman killed in the pipeline disaster will be laid to rest. ♪ [ music ] ♪ how sweet the sound today's burial will follow a large weekend memorial service, with 21-year-old jessica morales. she was an aspiring fashion designer who was watching football at her boyfriend's home when that blew up. her boyfriend was critically
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injured in that blast. we'll continue to follow the fire and san bruno explosion all morning long. and you can get updates all morning long by going to our channel 2 website, grief counselors will be at novato high school this morning, as students return to class for the first time since a fellow student was killed in a car crash. the highway patrol says the bmw driven by a 16-year-old went out of control on novato boulevard on friday and spun into oncoming traffic. the driver of a big rig could not stop in time and rear-ended their car. now, the five teenage boys inside that car were from novato high school. one of the passengers, a 15- year-old, was killed. police say the 16-year-old driver was unlicensed and drinking when he lost control of that car. >> he was such a great kid. he was there one day and then gone the next. just walking to my class, handing me a note. and next thing you know, you find out he's gone.
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>> he's a very outgoing person. everyone loves him. too many friends. >> one of the injured passengers remains in critical condition. police say the other two were treated and released. now, the driver was also injured. he faces felony d.u.i. time now, 5:04. now, just minutes ago, the bay area's first toll lane opened to drivers. starting this morning, solo drivers can slide into a carpool lane on southbound interstate 680, on the sunol grade, between highway 84 and route 237, for a price. that's a major bottleneck during key commute times. as of today, you can enter the express lane at certain points, where an electronic sign will let drivers know what the current toll will be. it will cost anywhere between 30 cents and $6. depending on how congested the traffic is. then the sensors will charge that amount on the driver's fast track device.
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>> i'll debate whether or not the length i need to travel is worth the amount i'm being asked to pay. but i know i need to get a fast track. >> i think that is a good revenue, given where we are right now. >> reporter: the lane is free for carpoolers, motorcycle owners and hybrid owners with stickers. but car poolers, have you to take down your fast track device or at least cover it up and the mylar cover-up begins or you'll be charged. ktvu's jade hernandez is live right now. she'll bring us the latest in about an hour. you can find out more information on the new interstate 680 toll lane by going to our channel 2 website, right now, it's 5:06. let's check back in with sal for a look at the entire commute. how does it look, sal? >> looks okay, pam and dave. so far, we're off to a nice start here. as we're looking at the east shore freeway, no problems here on the way to the bay bridge
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toll plaza. and if you're trying to get into san francisco, it is a nice drive. there is a warning, though, fog over on the east bay. if you're going over there, just be careful. visibility may be down in some areas. now, let's go to traffic with steve. >> we still have some clouds left over from the system that came by over the weekend. it weakened and gave us a little rain. not a lot. it's long gone but the low clouds are in place. there's another weak system which will be in here for another cooldown on tuesday, wednesday. but all signs, point toward a pretty good warmup as we get toward the weekend. there you go. patchy low cloud. sunny, breezy. 60s and low 70s today. temperatures will rebound. 50s and 60s. san jose, 62. livermore at 60. san rafael and napa, the coolest. 50s in the valley. 60s. 40s and 60s up and down the coast. from eureka's 49 to san diego's 64.
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weak, high pressure. that will come in tomorrow. give us another increase in clouds and low patterns. today, we rebound slightly. breezy, slightly warmer. but there will be sunshine today, especially away from the coast. low clouds, sunny, breezy, and a little warmer. temperatures, though, rebounding a little bit for upper 70s, low 80s for many. 60s and 70s around the coast and the bay. and temperatures will cool down tuesday into wednesday. and it does look warmer, maybe even much warmer by friday. >> all right, steve. well, attracting and keeping good teachers. we'll tell you the idea san francisco is considering and how this could make life a lot easier for many people and their family. and a purse snatching in oakland. a surprising victim and what was found. and iran's president is in new york city this weekend. the moms of two uc berkeley grads still detained, are trying to meet them. i'll have the latest on the deal he seems to be offering. coming up. good morning.
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westbound 24. traffic looks pretty good, getting up to oakland. but there are some areas that could be a little slow already. we'll tell you where. [car horn honks r outback always gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back ♪
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welcome back to the morning news. sarah shord is back in the u.s. but says she is only one-third free. she is calling on iran to release the other two. there are details of a possible
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deal offered by iran's president. good morning, allison. >> good morning to you, pam. that's right. iran's president seems to be trying to make a deal here in the case of the two american hikers who are still in iran and have been detained there for more than a year. this is a look at mahmoud ahmadinejad's arrival. he is there this week for a united nations summit. he suggested the hikers could be traded. the moms are also in new york and trying to meet with him. the third hiker, sarah shord was released for medical reasons last week and spoke out yesterday, speaking for the release of her fiance, and her friend. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crime, and we are not spies. >> now, there are new fears that ahmadinejad could be using the captured americans as bargaining tips, as iran faces sanctions for its nuclear
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program. i'll have more on what the hikers' moms have to say about that during my next update in about an hour. for now, we're live in washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. as iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad is in new york this morning, yesterday, he said the future belongs to iran. and he challenged the united states to accept iran as a powerhouse. he also said iran has no intention of getting a nuclear bomb and that u.n. sanctions are not working. ahmadinejad will address the u.n. on thursday. several leaders attending the u.n. are promising to donate packages to flood- ravaged pakistan. they are asking world leaders to raise $2 billion to help those flood victims. the floods are continuing to spread south in pakistan and now said to be affecting at least $20 million -- 20 million people.
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the group overseeing the elections in pakistan have serious concerns about voting legitimacy. afghanistan's leader, hamid karzai is calling the balloting a solid success. the first vote counts are due to be released in a few days, with full preliminary results in october. governor schwarzenegger is missing a conference on border security today to work on the state budget instead. and he says he is sending lieutenant governor abel maldonado. the council will focus on economic energy. arizona governor jan brewer and texas governor rick perry will also not attend. police are investigating a purse snatching from an oakland councilmember. they say it happened saturday night. someone approached in the safe way parking lot and stole her
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purse. she wasn't hurt. her purse, without any valuables, was found in the same parking lot, a short time later. early ther month, councilman de la fuente's home in the food district wasburglarized. former president bill clinton says he understands the tea party movement and why it's gaining momentum. >> the tea party reflects the feelings of a lot of americans that they're getting the shaft. >> clinton points out, though, that the party is ambiguous on some national issues. but says it remains to be seen whether the movement will threaten democrats in the upcoming elections. our time now, 5:15. let's go right back to sal. how are we look, sal? >> we're doing pretty well. and wanted to mention that there's a new commute open on the sunol grade that we'll be talking about. it's an express lane for carpoolers or for people who want to pay the toll.
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and we'll have a complete story on that coming up. let's go out and take a look at the san mateo bridge. no problems there. and if you're driveoth nimitz freeway, we're off to a good start. northbound and southbound, pretty quiet now. northbound 880. still no significant delay getting up into san francisco. it's 5:15. here's steve. we have a lot of low clouds left over, after a weekend of some rain. i'll have totals here in a second. but more show than go. but it was our first system of the season. left rain in the north bay. a lot of drizzle in the coast. some of the rain totals. willis, half an inch of rain. russian river, 15/100ths. mill valley, .08. after that, was there very light amounts. half moon bay at 3/100ths. .01 at vacaville. so there was some. but south of san francisco,
5:17 am
oakland, vallejo, just about not any. very low 60s. san jose at 60. 54, san rafael and napa, your coolest. 49, uky a. 48, yrica. -- yreka. they will be increase as this little system clips us tomorrow for another cooldown tuesday into wednesday. and we'll warm it up. in fact, could be very warm. today, more sun. just a little warmer. about 3 to 6 degrees after the low clouds and clearing, breezy. temperatures, 60s, 70s, and a few low 80s. a lot of 70s and very low 80s. 60s and 70s at the beaches. tomorrow looks like a cooler day. then we'll warm it up. could see some 90s by friday. european markets are starting the week with modest gains in early trading.
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overnight, most benchmarks are open as well. japan's nikkei is closed for the holiday. it's going to be a pretty big week on wall street. we have housing data coming in in the federal reserve meeting later this week. looks like the markets, the numbers show extending a bit of a rally from last week. dow jones starts today at 10607. all up modestly on friday. the u.s. treasury department is looking for investors to buy some of its stock in general motors and is not going to limit those buyers to americans. the federal government owns more than 60% of gm, after putting up $50 billion in bailout money. no complications with chinese automaker. time now, 5:18. san francisco school board is considering a plan it hopes will keep teachers in schools. this involves taking two properties and turning it into subsidized housing. now, a vote on this idea is not
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scheduled yet. right now, almost a third of the district's teachers, and three quarters of all teachers' aides live outside the city. right now, it's 5:18. and a bay area pipe bomb scare leads to an evacuation and arrest. but one critical question still needs to be answered. also, we'll tell you why a judge says no to plans for new piers at lake tahoe. good morning. if you're driving on the sunol grade. traffic is moving well.
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good morning. low clouds around. not solid. but a little breezy. but slightly warmer. 60s closer to the coast. utah fire crews evacuated 1400 homes as flames raced toward the small community of herimman this morning. at least 100 homes are threatened, as 40-mile-an-hour winds pushed into the valley. two homes have already burned. the fire started during an artillery training session, at a nearby national guard camp. and soldiers did not have the equipment to put it out. the lake tahoe regional planning agency must decide if it will drop or revise plans to revise piers, boat slips or plants. this is after they determined they did not do enough to determine how the projects would affect the lake's
5:23 am
clarity. the judge also said there is not enough information about how it would affect fish in the lake. and a san anselmo mountain lion. police searched the area but did not find it. but residents are now being urged to keep their pets inside from dawn until dusk, when mountain lions are most active. a parolee is back. he is accused of making pipe bombs, and bomb-making material was found inside his home. police responded to a domestic violence call and say they found three pipe bombs inside the man's home and the materials to make a lot more. police then called in the bomb squad and evacuated this usually quiet neighborhood. >> not the kind of thing we want, obviously. we want this neighborhood to be safe. and we want families to feel safe. and it was -- it's very
5:24 am
unfortunate situation. >> now, 36-year-old eric dennis is now facing many charges, including bomb possession. at this point, investigators will only say the pipe bombs appear to be connected to a family argument. the san diego zoo has uncovered a rare find. the fossil of a whale. construction on a zoo site revealed a large bone, and since then, palientologists have unearthed a 24-foot whale skeleton that is 3 million years old. now, they're delighted delight to find a skeleton intact, as skulls normally separate from the bones. the fossils will go for a new study. parts of the street are set to be spruced up to a state grant. they start in tilden park and eventually empties into san francisco bay. they have given the city of pablo, $1.8 million to help clean up the creek. city officials say they will
5:25 am
remove culverts and add trails. and researchers say they have found a possible new treatment for adults with hard- to-control asthma. now, they have been looking at a drug, spiriva. it is used to treat emphysema and other ronic lung conditions, but not asthma. however, researchers found that it is just as good as the asthma drug, seravent at treating the disease. they spent almost $100 million after the makers of serevent, glaxosmithkline declined to donate for the study. raising thousands of dollars for the fire victim. you may be surprised when you learn who organized the big event. this morning, some bay area students are returning to class for the first time since a deadly roadway tragedy. and the bay area's first toll lanes just opened on southbound 680. find out how the changes are affecting traffic, coming up in
5:26 am
a live report. good morning, westbound 80. traffic here looks pretty good on the way to the bay bridge. but it's getting more cloud -- crowded. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte
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good morning to you. welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is just about 5:30. let's check in with weather with steve. >> we have some low cloud around today.
5:29 am
once that burns off for some, it will be a little slower. slightly warmer. still sunny, breezy. not too much of a warmup. but a little rebound from yesterday. then cooler weather comes back. we'll update the five-day in a few moments. now, here's sal. traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving out to san francisco, northbound 101, traffic looks good. as a matter of fact, it's a very nice drive into the city. also this morning, westbound traffic is moving long very nicely and no problems on the bridge. ktvu's jade hernandez is live. we were lucky enough to drive through those new toll lanes just about 10 minutes ago. the lanes open up officially at 5:00 a.m. extra chp officers will be here
5:30 am
to monitor transitions, where drivers will be here to use new toll lanes. they'll be here for visible enforcement. we watched as last-minute tasks were done on the southbound 680 in fremont yesterday. this new system gives solo drivers the option to pay with carpoolers in an express lane. the southbound 680 toll lane begins at highway 84 near sunol and stretches stretches stretches to milipitas. drivers' costs will range between -- 30 cents and $6. >> i think i'd be willing to pay money as a single driver to drive in the express lane. >> why? >> because it will get me where i need to go faster. >> i think it's stupid. why make us pay more to drive on it? now, something to keep in mind, carpoolers use the lane
5:31 am
for free. but if you have a fast track responder, you need to put it in its mylar case or take it down we'll show you the new rules of the road and how to best navigate theseney new toll lanes. we'll be here all morning. reporting live, jade hernandez. you can find the latest traffic information, as well as more information on the new i- 680 toll line, by of course listening to sal castaneda, or go to our new website. grief counselors will be present as student goes back to school for the first time after a student was killed in a crash. the driver lost control while speeding along novato boulevard. kraig debro is at the school this morning. he'll join us in a few moments with more on what students can expect today. speeding may have been a factor in a crash that killed
5:32 am
four young people near tracy. last night, 100 people treand attended a candlelight vigil. it happened west of landers road. the teenager's car flipped into an irrigation canal. two of the victims were brother and sister. cassandra and robert biddic. >> i have a picture of them laying together as a child. who knew they were going to lay together at the end. >> the two other victims were chris hoovler and sam. they were celebrating their last night together before one left for uc davis. natural gas exploded in the pipeline was running at pressure above the maximum limit. overpressurized lines have been linked to other pipeline disasters. and a san bruno fire victim is taking pg&e to court.
5:33 am
steve dare's class-action lawsuit is demanding the utility turn over a $100 million recovery fund to a third party. adare rented a home on dover court. it was not damaged but he was forced out of his home for three days. a high school sophomore was the main force behind a weekend fundraiser to help the fire victims in san bruno. ♪ [ music ] hundreds gathered at san bruno's cappuccino high school yesterday yesterday. 14-year-old student karina walsh organized the event. it raised thousands of dollars. we'll continue to follow the san bruno fire and investigation throughout the morning. you can also get updates any time by going to our channel 2 website, walnut creek police are investigating a pair of stabbings at a weekend house party. the incident started with a
5:34 am
fight outside a home on mayhew way. one was stabbed in the chest. another in the back. several witnesses were questioned. but police are still looking for suspects in thatase. and more and more drivers are using fastrak to cross area bridges. drivers using fastrak has more than doubled with more than 77% of drivers now using the device n.2006, only 36% were using the device on the bay bridge during the morning commute. on the seven bridges overseen by the metropolitan transportation commission, 68% of drivers are now using fastrak. you know, sal is a human fastrak. he'll help you get to where you need to go, especially the east bay, right. >> that's right. we're starting there. good morning to you. traffic is actually okay in most east bay freeways. westbound 24 looking good driving up through the tunnel with no major delays. also, the morning commute is going to be okay getting up
5:35 am
into san francisco, westbound. small delay there. a lot of people using their fastrak. it is 5:34. let's go to steve. >> sal? >> yes, sir. >> on this new toll, i see issues here. >> you do? >> it's very confusing, i think. >> i think it's going to take people's few days to get it. good morning. we had low clouds. i had somebody tweet me and say, you were at the raider game and you were wrong. what did we say? san fra, va -- san francisco, vallejo and north. there was a little drizzle on the coast. the system was weaker than i thought. but it still made it to the north bay. some say irained here. cazadero can get 15/100ths if a sea gull flaps its wings in a pretty good environment there. so there was a little bit. patchy and low clouds.
5:36 am
low, low, low 80s. temperatures rebounding a little bit today. but there's a lot of low clouds. 54, san rafael and nap a. palo alto at 56. 60, san jose. upper 40s, yreka to uky a. 50s -- ukia. still looking for a high of only about 82, though. we'll have a slight warming trend today. but we'll have an increase in low clouds and cooling trend. that take us into wednesday. upcoming weekend could be warm to hot. everything falls into place. today, though, there will be a little sun. morning clouds, clearing and breezy. and it will be slightly warmer. temperatures, a lot of 70s, though. 60s, 70s, and a few low 80s. far enough away, you'll find mid-80s. we cool it down tuesday. then sure looks warm. maybe even 90s as we head into the upcoming weekend. a group of cult members, reported missing in southern california over the weekend are found.
5:37 am
find out where they were and what has happened to their leader. also, authorities in the santa cruz area want you to take a really good look at this picture. good morning. traffic is moving well in both directions here right in front of the oakland coliseum. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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good morning. low clouds around. but they'll burn back. a little warmer today. not much. we'll have 70s and a few low 80s. here's a look at some of the top stories we'll we're following at 5:39. sarah shord.
5:40 am
iran an president mahmoud ahmadinejad says he is hoping that shord's release will be reciprocated by the u.s. but for now, the u.s. reportedly has no plans of making a deal. pg&e may release its list of 100 highest-risk natural-gas pipelines. as soon as today, the p.u.c. asked pg&e to go public with the list of pipelines opposing the great -- that are posing the greatest possible risk to the government. and governor schwarzenegger is sending lieutenant governor abel maldonado to represent california in the at a meeting over border security today. the governor is staying behind to work on the budget. two-thirds behind with power outages. it created fierce waves. also knocked down trees, but the full extent of the damage will likely not be known until
5:41 am
later today. it's heading away from the united states. but may still cause high surf along the east coast. b. p.'s blownout well in the gulf of mexico is now officially sealed, almost five months to the day, after the oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. but people living in louisiana say they are now left cleaning up for years to come. >> you hear people saying that the oil has been picked up. it's over. the spill is finished. it is not finished. we still have a lot of oil out here left to pick up. >> bp has set aside billions of dollars to compensate those affected by the oil spill. 33 workers trapped underground in chile may have to wait at least six more weeks weeks to be rescued. the miners have been trapped since august 5th. on saturday, it will still take weeks to widen the shaft enough to pull the men out. three smaller holes have been dug to send them food, water,
5:42 am
and medical supplies. at least 36 people killed in iraq are the most violent attacks since the u.s. declared an end to the combat operations. most were killed by two massive car bombs in baghdad. a third bombing in fallujah, was aimed at iraqi patrols. more than 125 people were hurt. the bombings broke a relatively calm period, following ramadan, and the u.s. transition to noncombat duties back on september 1st. american muslims are holding a summit meeting in new york city about the controversial plans to build an islamic center near the 9/11 site. the group is planning a news conference today, along with the plans for the center, they're concerned about a perceived rise in anti-muslim feelings in the u.s. such as threatened and actual burnings of the koran. members of the religious sect, reported missing in southern california over the weekend say the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.
5:43 am
the 13 members of the group were found safe, around noontime yesterday. they were praying at a park in palmdale. authorities say this group went missing saturday, leaving behind evidence, it was awaiting the rapture. the surge was launched, amid fears of a suicide pact. however, members say that was not the case. the group's leader has been hospitalized for mental evaluation. investigators in santa cruz county want everyone to take a close look at a picture of a suspect now in custody. police in scott valley say 39- year-old akyra kelly has been impersonating a police officer. there's a photo. they say he installed a siren and flashing lights on an old police car he purchased on the internet. police believe kelly may have been pulling people over in the scotts valley area. but so far, there have been no reports. brentwood police are looking for a suspicious man who has been approaching teenagers in sunset park. that's on sunset road. they say they received reports
5:44 am
about an older, thin, hispanic male, asking teenagers, inappropriate questions at soccer games. it happened on saturday and the weekend before. police would like to hear from anyone with information. time now, 5:43. allstate insurance released its annual list of the nation's safest cities for drivers. hayward ranks 122. san jose ranked 131. sunnyvale, 143. fremont, 152. oakland came in at 153. and san francisco was ranked 185. and those analysts looked at damage claims over two years to come up with those rankings. 5:44 is the time. let's go back over to sal, who is looking at oakland. what's going on, sal? >> we just take a look at oakland and use it to see how busy traffic is getting here t. you can tell by looking at the nimitz freeway sometimes, it's going to be a good one or not
5:45 am
going to be a good one. today, so-so. kind of moderate. a lot of people on the road already. northbound traffic looking okay. at the bay bridge toll plaza, still looking good coming into san francisco. and also, northbound 101, approaching the 80 split. offto a nice start -- off to a nice start. and not a lot there is looking at public transportation. things seem to be starting off the morning okay. 5:45 now. here's steve. good morning, everyone. and a lot more show than go on the weekend. a lot of cloud cover and a little rain. today we have low clouds left behind. not much. it will be sunny, breezy. but the system right there will cool us down again. first, patchy clouds. sunny and breezy. that will take us into monday. it will be cooler on tuesday. and everything is looking much warmer by friday. that's what that says. and maybe into mid-90s, if things continue to come in as
5:46 am
advertised. but today will be slightly cooler. rain to the north to find decent amounts. saint helena, 2/10ths. and mill valley, .08. i think half moon bay had .03, drizzle. patchy clouds, sunny and breezy. 60s, 70s, low 80s at best here. a lot of 50s and low 60s to start off here. only need about 15 to 20 degrees to get on the high side today. although you notice, sunset is getting pretty fast. 40s in the valley. 50s and 60s. sacramento looking for a high of around 84 today. that system coming in tomorrow will give us another cooldown. that will take us into wednesday. but today, low clouds give way to sunshine. a little breezy at times, not too bad now. but 60s, 70s, upper 70s, low. a few mid-80s am but napa, santa rosa, fairfield, mid-80s. cooler tuesday into wednesday. breezy. then a rebound, especially towards friday. >> thank you, steve. today, wal-mart is expected to announce it's expanding the
5:47 am
number of stores that use solar energy. wal-mart already has 31 stores in california and hawaii. it is now expected to add between 20 and 30 more between california and arizona next year. that would make wal-mart one of the biggest commercial installations using solar technology in the u.s. mcdonald's is one of the large corporations pushing for full disclosure of airline fees. the restaurant chain says it wants the restaurants to be up front about its costs. mcdonald's is one of nearly 300 companies pushing for that information. the airlines say all fees are available on their website. and a federal judge is refusing to throw out lawsuits that would require college athletes be paid when the ncaa sells their images. sam keller is one of the people suing. his claim also includes companies like electronic arts
5:48 am
of redwood city, which uses the likeness of athletes in its games. the ncaa defends itself, saying students should not be paid to play. this time, it's the gang fighters who lose. we'll tell you why fears are rising in the bay area's largest city. new budget cuts may give gangs the upper hand. plus, you have the president's president's word on it. why this is no ordinary motorcycle.
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
good morning. welcome back. police now believe a teenager, shot dead outside of his pittsburgh home saturday night was probably the victim of a gang-related ambush by three men. 18-year-old adrian gonzalez was killed. two other shooting victims survived. officials building all three were gang members. police say the shooting started when a fight broke out between two groups of people during a party at gonzalez's home. so far, no arrests have been made. police say they have not named any suspects. oakland police are looking for suspect and motive in a shooting that wounded four people. victims were shot just after 2:30, sunday morning. there at embarcadero east. the four victims were rushed to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the san jose police union is asking for the restoration
5:52 am
of the department's anti-gang unit, which was eliminated, due to budget cuts. union leaders gather at a parking lot where a 12-year-old boy was shot in the head by suspected gang members, last halloween. although the boy survived, union leaders are warning of deadly consequences from cutting the anti-gang team. >> the majority of homicides in san jose, are gang-related. we simply will not have the resources to address gangs today like we did yesterday. mayor chuck reed says by transferring the anti-gang officers to patrol, the cities should still be able to fight violence. he adds that the cuts were needed to pay for the police union's high pension benefits. a napa man who lost his footing at fort ross state park is recovering now from injuries in a dangerous rescue.
5:53 am
rescuers couldn't use a helicopter because of the fog. so they hauled him out with ropes. that took about three hours. orlando was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. he was out hiking to the water with a couple of friends, searching for abalone. in the wake of the recent salary scandal in the city of bell, attorney general jerry brown says he'll review all local salaries of more than $300,000. some of those are right here in the bay area, including san ramon city manager, who makes almost $360,000 a year. while in nearby pleasanton, the city manager makes about $150,000 less than that. livermore's city manager and danville city manager, also earned more than $300,000 a year. a custom-designed motorcycle, signed by president obama is about to go on the auction block in las vegas. the bike was built by hard core
5:54 am
choppers of sterling, virginia, and features a six-speed transmission and a 100- horsepower engine. proceeds will benefit the fisher house foundation, which helps provide free housing for military families who have someone being treated at a military hospital. >> very interesting. sal, that will help get through the morning commute. >> what's that? you know, i probably wouldn't ride my suit riding one of those. but i think i'd look pretty cool. northbound 280 looking pretty good. i hope, though, they wouldn't lay it down. if you're a motorcycle rider, there's going to be a day when you lay that motorcycle down. unfortunately. traffic is moving well in both directions. no major problems heading south. also, westbound bay bridge, getting more crowded. this is where the traffic starts to turn if you will. westbound coming into san francisco. there have been no major
5:55 am
problems on the way into the city. and they didn't do some of that road work that they normally do. it's wide open for you, into san francisco. let's take a live look at san francisco. northbound 101. traffic looking very good. approaching the 80 split. and no problems coming up to the lower deck of the bay bridge. at 5:54, let's go back to the desk. time now, 5:54. we're still following tragic news. police have identified two of the victims of the woman who went on a deadly shooting rampage. the victims are the woman's 5- year-old son and her estranged husband. a nurse was also killed in this attack. police are still trying to figure out the motive. this all happened in southwestern germany just north of the swiss border. well, lady gaga plans to do some campaigning today in maine. the controversial pop star is expected to take part in a demonstration against don't ask, don't tell. rally organizers say she decided to try to add her star power to try to win the state's senator.
5:56 am
they are seeing a potential filibuster. the senate is expected to take up the democrats' bill to repeal the policy tomorrow. senator mccain says he welcomes lady gaga's campaign against the military policy. life in the fast lane. and it's a first in the bay area. we'll be live for the day's opening of the new toll lane and see if it's a new day for the commute. plus, unearthing details about pg&e's richest natural gas pipelines. what you may find out starting today. low clouds and fog. temperatures rebounding or staying cool? we'll have the forecasted highs and more traffic after the break.
5:57 am
5:58 am
people could keep asking, could what happened in san bruno keep happening again? coming up, we'll tell you a list released by pg&e. and we'll tell you how san jose residents are reacting. we are watching the commute get busier and busier especially in some spots. we'll tell you where. a weekend with a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures. a little rain. what about today? will we warm it up or keep it cool? plus, a new way to get to work this morning.
5:59 am
why many drivers are taking fastrak without crossing a single bridge. good morning. thank you for joining us on this september 20th. i'm pam cook! and i'm dave -- >> and i'm dave clark. patchy clouds. 50s and 60s. we'll end up with mostly sunny skies. cooling down a little for some. san jose, going 77 today. district attorney was 68 going 64. more of a westerly breeze. now, an update with sal. >> traffic westbound 80 and university avenue. from university down to the macarthur maze. looking pretty good. no major problems here. there is a small

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